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MÖTLEY CRÜE "Too Fast For Love" /CD/

MÖTLEY CRÜE "Too Fast For Love" /CD/
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Crücial Crüe special edition re-release of the debut full-length album by the legendary American Heavy/Glam Metal band.
This is really quite a shame, because as with the release of this album, Mötley opened the door for the entire Glam Metal genre. With this record, recorded in only about a week, the band not only turned the Metal scene on its ear, but did so pretty much on their own. They had no real major label backing, and gained popularity by word-of-mouth alone.
First press 900 copies were released on November 10, 1981 on the band's Leathür Records label. Elektra Records signed the band the following year, at which point the album was remixed and partially re-recorded. This re-release, with a different track listing and slightly different artwork (e.g., red lettering on the cover and a different interior photograph of the band), has become the standard version from which all later reissues derive.
On their debut album, Mötley Crüe essentially comes across as a bash-'em-out bar band, making up in enthusiasm what they lack in technical skill. Yet that's part of the appeal of "Too Fast For Love", a chance to hear the band without the glossy production of their later, most popular work, showcasing their down-and-dirty roots. The fact that Pop-Metal songwriting was not really a consideration helps the album come off as more genuinely trashy and sleazy, celebrating its own grime with exuberant zest. This is the Crüe playing it lean and mean, effortlessly capturing the tough swagger that often came off a bit more calculated in later years, and it's one of their most invigorating records.
While the album only reached number 77 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the US, it would ultimately reach platinum status. What we have here, is a solid album from start to finish. There is not one bad track here, and at no point should anyone get bored and want to skip songs!
Re-edition features five bonus tracks!!
Mötley Records/EMI/Eleven Seven Music, 1981/1982/2000 (ESM 301). Made in Germany.

1. Live Wire 03:16
2. Come On And Dance 02:48
3. Public Enemy #1 04:23
4. Merry-Go-Round 03:23
5. Take Me To The Top 03:45
6. Piece Of Your Action 04:41
7. Starry Eyes 04:30
8. Too Fast For Love 03:23
9. On With The Show 04:08
Bonus tracks:
10. Toast Of The Town 03:37
11. Tonight 04:28
12. Too Fast For Love (Alternate Intro) 04:21
13. Stick To Your Guns 04:24
14. Merry-Go-Round 03:54
Total playing time: 55:01

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