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THEATRE OF TRAGEDY "Theatre of Tragedy" /CD/

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY "Theatre of Tragedy" /CD/
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 Debut full-length album by cult Norwegian Gothic Doom/Death Metal band.
One of the first albums to add sopranos to the genre. Paradise Lost on "Gothic" were the first band to harmonize ethereal female vocal lines with grunting male vocals. But they had only slight references on what would follow a few years later, with Theatre Of Tragedy being the first to develop this sound and haunt the scene that would soon rise for ever.
The album sold approximately 75,000 copies.
 A brilliant for every Classic collector!!
Massacre Records, 1995 (MASS CD063). Made in Germany. First press.

1. A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal 04:05
2. Cheerful Dirge 05:03
3. To These Words I Beheld No Tongue 05:06
4. Hollow-heart?d, Heart-depart?d 04:57
5. ...a Distance There Is... 08:51
6. Sweet Art Thou 03:58
7. M?re 04:08
8. Dying – I Only Feel Apathy 05:08
9. Monoton? 03:10
Total playing time: 44:26 


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alex_g_s, 11.09.2018
Диск бомба, да еще и первопресс

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