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VADER “The Beast” /Ltd. Edition 2CD/

VADER “The Beast” /Ltd. Edition 2CD/
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The sixth full-length album by the legendary Polish Death Metal band.
It is the first full-length album by Vader not to feature Doc (R.I.P.) on drums. Getting down to business, Vader is back with another full-length after teasing the Metal world with 2003’s "Blood" EP. As reliable as a Japanese automobile, we are treated with Vader’s umpteenth release of quality, no-frills Death Metal, performed in the fine Polish tradition.
Old School, mid to fast-paced simplistic Death Metal, highlighted by top-notch drumwork (Daray on this album, filling in for Doc) and the excellent, hoarse-throated vocals of Peter. Their guitarwork is not overly technical, but never fails to get heads bobbing. But regardless, the end result is the quality of the notes played, not the quantity.
This is an easy album to enjoy even if you aren’t typically a rabid Death Metaller. The non-gutteral vocals help to that end. Relentless double-bass drumming is the foundation for the cold riffage within. Vader also tries their hand at playing clean guitar passages. Slayer riffs, adept and appropriate solos, Peter’s bark…what more do you need? Ultimately, Vader will provided you with yet another satisfying album. The "Beast" satisfies because this is the kind of Death Metal that absolutely rocks in concert, as well as pretty much anywhere else. This is a Vader album, you know what to expect after all these years, act accordingly!
The limited edition 2CD contains a bonus CD including a report from the studio, a video clips recorded during the session, and a fragment of Metalmania Festival, Poland, 2003.
Metal Mind Records, 2004 (MMP CDD 0279). Made in Poland. First press.


1.Intro 00:59
2.Out Of The Deep 04:51
3.Dark Transmission 04:09
4.Firebringer 03:33
5.The Sea Came In At Last 04:05
6.I Shall Prevail 03:49
7.The Zone 04:31
8.Insomnia 03:27
9.Apopheniac 04:12
10.Choices 04:08
1.Studio Report 24:13
2.Choices 02:45
3.Dark Transmission 03:52
4.Epitaph 04:14
5.The Nomad 03:57
6.Wings 04:26
Total playing time: 81:11


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