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VADER "Live in Japan" + "Sothis" /2CD/

VADER "Live in Japan" + "Sothis" /2CD/
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Re-release of the second live album and the first mini-album, on one CD, by the legendary Polish Death Metal band.
“Live in Japan” is a fantastic live album that any Metal fan would surely be glad to own. Now that it has been re-released with the “Sothis” MCD included, there really isn’t a good excuse not to own this!
“Sothis” really represents the last output of Vader in their more primordial Death/Thrash style, heavily inspired by Morbid Angel, before they'd come to a more concrete identity of their own. The actual music is the real star here; the songs are all fast paced and have a very sharp production that does absolute wonders for Vader's super-technical sound. The guitars come in crisp and clean, and there are some downright mind-blowing lead trade-offs between Peter and China too! The bass is audible and coherent, and Doc's performance and trigger tone was at its best here!!
Limited re-edition includes free System Shock label compilation CD as a bonus!!!
System Shock, 1994/1998/2002 (IR-C-150)

1. Damien (Intro)
2. Sothis
3. Distant Dream
4. Black to the Blind
5. Silent Empire
6. Blood of Kingu
7. Carnal
8. Red Passage
9. Panzerstoss (Intro)
10. Reborn in Flames
11. Fractal Light
12. From Beyond (Intro)
13. Crucified Ones
14. Foetus God
15. Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath cover)
16. Raining Blood (Slayer cover)
17. Omen (Intro)
18. Dark Age
19. Sothis
20. Vision and the Voice
21. The Wrath


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