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CALCINED "Thwarted" /Digipack MCD/

CALCINED "Thwarted" /Digipack MCD/
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Debut EP from Swiss Brutal Death Metal band.
Band perform the right kind of Death Metal. Short but brutal, it stacks up as a roller coaster ride of metal, taking listeners between fast and slow passages made by mixing churning guitar chugs and extreme grindcore-esque drumming all topped with deep growls that are clear enough not to distort everything else, and vice versa. There even is a bit of solo bass work in the middle to build up the suspense before everything explodes again. The slow, crawling pace sounds like a butchering soundtrack and the added in scream samples really set the dark mood of violence altogether.
For fans of Deeds Of Flesh and Vomitory!
Selfreleased, 2011
1. Infernal Circle 04:10
2. Sounf of Death 05:35
3. Neurotic Murder 04:54
4. Darkened Forest 04:42
Total playing time: 19:21
Price: 2.90 €
Weight: 0.15 Kg