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OBLIVEON “From This Day Forward” /CD/

OBLIVEON “From This Day Forward” /CD/
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Re-release of the debut full-length album by cult Canadian Technical Thrash Metal band.
After impressing the tape-trading underground in 1989 with their “Fiction Of Veracity” demo, Canadian Tech-Thrashers Obliveon released their debut album in 1990. It finally gets a reissue in 2007 thanks to Prodisk. A must for fans of Progressive Thrash and adventurous Extreme Metal, “From This Day Forward” might be thought of as a more futuristic, Proggy take on Sepultura's classic era. This cult and sadly overlooked Canadian band surely knew how to play some Technical and Progressive Thrash Metal. Foe fans of Coroner, Voivod, early Slayer, Anacrusis, early Meshuggah, Watchtower and more!!!
Prodisk, 1990/2007 (PRO014-2). Made in Canada.

1. From This Day Forward     04:57
2. Fiction of Veracity     08:36
3. Droïdomized     06:43
4. Imminent Regenerator     05:02
5. It Should Have Stayed Unreal     04:04
6. Access to the Acropolis     04:14
7. Chronocraze     05:46
Total playing time: 39:22


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