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OBLIVEON “Carnivore Mothermouth” /CD/

OBLIVEON “Carnivore Mothermouth” /CD/
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Re-release of the 4th full-length album by cult Canadian Technical Death/Thrash Metal band.
This cult and sadly overlooked Canadian band surely knew how to play some Technical, aggressive and Progressive Thrash Metal. This is Obliveon's final album, released in 1999, went further into the direction they began moving in with previous album "Cybervoid". More streamlined than ever, yet still remaining cold, futuristic and technical, the album possesses one of the most powerful production jobs ever laid down on any Metal album, thanks largely to guitarist (and noted producer in his own right) Pierre Remillard.
Fans of: Coroner, Voivod, Anacrusis, early Meshuggah, Watchtower, Toxik, Vektor, Coroner, Death, Atheist... This is for you!!!
Prodisk, 1999/2007 (PRO014-2). Made in Canada.

1. Technocarnivore Mothermouth     03:31
2. Love, Die, Resurrect     03:56
3. Such a Quiet River     04:04
4. Devil in My Eyes     03:43
5. Coercive Currents     03:37
6. Polarity     03:47
7. Vectors     04:08
8. Glass Made of Flesh     04:20
9. Fatal Induction     04:12
10. Désert Incorporel     04:08
Total playing time: 39:26


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