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NIGHTWISH “Wishmaster” /CD/

NIGHTWISH “Wishmaster” /CD/
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The third full-length album by the legendary Finnish Symphonic Power Metal band.
While “Oceanborn” was the album that confirmed the band’s talent, “Wishmaster” was the album that brought consideration. Is considered by many fans as the best album so far. With that album, Nightwish strengthened its leader position in that new musical genre - Lyric Metal. Some songs became “classics”.
“Wishmaster”'s sound continues the bombastic Symphonic Power Metal approach originally featured on “Oceanborn”, albeit with more emphasis on atmosphere and melody versus powerful speed and heaviness. Perhaps even more so than its predecessor, “Wishmaster” has a very clear fantasy theme. While commonly considered to be closer to conventional Power Metal, there is still a great variety with slower songs.
“Wishmaster” was #1 in the official Finnish charts; the album also debuted in the European charts at #21 in Germany and #66 in France. Today, “Wishmaster” has sold more than 77,000 copies in Finland alone.
Thanks to this album, Nightwish saw one of their dreams come true - touring around the world as an headliner. No more constraint like the ones they had as a supporting group. They were free to offer their audience the show they wanted. Nightwish then gave a more than an hour and half show, offering the crowd the best of their first three albums, and an instrumental in order to let Tarja’s voice rest in the middle of the show.
In brief, “Wishmaster” is the album which made Nightwish take off and receive the fan's esteem the band deserved!
Spinefarm Records, 2000 (spi87cd). Made in Finland.

1. She Is My Sin     4:46
2. The Kinslayer     3:58
3. Come Cover Me     4:34
4. Wanderlust     4:50
5. Two For Tragedy     3:50
6. Wishmaster     4:24
7. Bare Grace Misery     3:41
8. Crownless     4:28
9. Deep Silent Complete     3:57
10. Dead Boy's Poem     6:47
11. Fantas Mic     8:17
Total playing time: 53:32

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