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MÖTLEY CRÜE "Saints Of Los Angeles" /CD/

MÖTLEY CRÜE "Saints Of Los Angeles" /CD/
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The ninth full-length album by the legendary American Heavy/Glam Metal band.
It is the band's first studio album in eight years, and it marks the return of long-time drummer Tommy Lee since 1997's “Generation Swine”.
This is a concept album based off of the bestselling book “The Dirt”, which is the bands autobiography. The themes of the songs go right along with the book and tell tales of drug abuse, partying, getting signed to Elektra, the music industry, and simply f****ng shit up. The band also refunds the sound it helped invent on this album. Gone are the groove inspired tunes of the Crab era and the industrial dabbling of the late 90's. In its place are high octane rockers in the vein of “Dr. Feelgood”. This album is a return to form it sounds modern as well. Also almost every song on the album was co-written by Nikki's band mates in Sixx AM. This is probably what led it to sound more modern but Nikki can do that on his own, he is a master songwriter.
From start to finish this album rocks you to the ground and doesn't let up for a second. This is music to snort coke to, to bang girls to, and to crash your car to! If you’re a Motley fan and you don't enjoy this album from start to finish you just aren't a Motley fan and should go home now!!
Music videos for "Saints of Los Angeles", "Mutherfucker of the Year" and "White Trash Circus" have been made.
“Saints Of Los Angeles” debuted at #4 on the Billboard album charts, selling about 99,000 copies in its first week of release. It also debuted at #14 on the Australian ARIA album charts, #5 in Sweden, #3 in Canada, #47 in Italy and #9 in Finland (although it climbed to #6 in its second week). Though the band's first single, the title track "Saints of Los Angeles", was their second highest charting single in the US mainstream rock charts ever, peaking at number 5, subsequent singles fared less well. "Mutherfucker of the Year" peaked at number 29 and "White Trash Circus" peaked at number 37 on mainstream rock charts.
No doubts, this is the best band’s album to the date!!!
Mötley Records/EMI/Eleven Seven Music, 2008 (ESM/MR 240). Made in Germany.

1. L.A.M.F.     01:23       Show lyrics
2. Face Down in the Dirt     03:44
3. What's It Gonna Take     03:45
4. Down at The Whisky     03:50
5. Saints of Los Angeles     03:40
6. Mutherfucker of the Year     03:55
7. The Animal in Me     04:16
8. Welcome to the Machine     03:00
9. Just Another Psycho     03:36
10. Chicks = Trouble     03:13
11. This Ain't a Love Song     03:25
12. White Trash Circus     02:51
13. Goin' Out Swingin'     03:27
Total playing time: 44:05

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