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U.D.O. “Mission No. X” /CD/

U.D.O. “Mission No. X” /CD/
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Tenth full-length album by legendary German Heavy Metal band.
What do we still love the old man for? Definitely for his permanency, diligence and devotion to the genre. Who else stood the test of time so well? Just a few. While the world of music was bombarded with tons of grunge and his majesty Metal suffered rather hard times, unlike lots of others, Mr. Dirkschneider didn’t even think to lay down his arms following up on the once chosen road. Who can hold a candle to this veritable partisan of Teutonic Metal? Definitely, no one. No comparisons would be relevant here. If Udo imitated someone else this someone else would be Udo himself. And let the evil tongues exclaim time and again that the old fellow is played out and his game is over. We know for sure he isn’t and everything is just about to start, once you’ve put into your player a new creation by that tireless missionary, once you’ve pushed play. This man seems to be unstoppable. It is unbelievable that this man can continue to create so many great songs without ever creating anything subpar. "Mission No. X" might just as well be the bands best effort, ever, and that is saying a lot! "24/7" sounds like classic Accept! So if you wonder why Udo is so hell-bent on not rejoining Accept on a permanent basis, you will find your answer here. He simply doesn't need to, because he already has a better band in U.D.O.!!
This is possibly the most Accept sounding efforts in Udo's solo career!!!
Enhanced CD features video clip “Mean Streets” and wallpapers.
AFM Records/CD-Maximum, 2005 (CDM 0905-2380). Made in Russia. Used: like new.

1. The Embarkation     1:30
2. Mission No. X     4:07
3. 24/7     3:57
4. Mean Streets     4:21
5. Primecrime On Primetime     3:56
6. Eye Of The Eagle     5:08
7. Shell Shock Fever     3:53
8. Stone Hard     4:21
9. Breaking Down The Borders     3:19
10. Cry Soldier Cry     5:16
11. Way Of Life     3:39
12. Mad For Crazy     3:47
Total playing time: 47:14


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balamuth, 10.03.2014
Удачное приобретение,отличный альбом, для истинных ценителей Хэви.

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