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Second full-length album by Swedish Heavy Metal band.
Somebody’s in the Zakk Wylde fan club here, that’s no doubt. Remember the eighties? Hellfueled does! They can remember a time when Ozzy Osbourne released albums like “The Ultimate Sin” and “No More Tears”. Sometimes they even stop and ponder the Randy Rhoads years. Singer Andy Alkman does an impression of Ozzy even better than the dude in Sheavy, but the real kicker here has to be the guitar wizardry of Jocke Limbgren, who manhandles the guitar and deserves recognition as a fine shredder in his own right, which begs the question: Does the Ozzman seeketh? Killer guitars can’t keep the group from sounding like a total Ozzy clone, however. “Look Out” is a textbook example of a song that Ozzy never wrote, but may have. If you close your eyes while listening to this and your friend told you that this was the new Ozzy record, you’d believe it!
Did we say that this sounds just like Ozzy? Yes! Is this bad? No!! Is this good? Yes!!!.
Black Lodge Records, 2005 (BLOD028CD). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Austria.

1. Can't Get Enough 04:06
2. Regain the Crown 03:06
3. Look Out 03:37
4. Friend 03:48
5. Born to Rock 03:32
6. Old 03:27
7. Girls Girls 03:29
8. On the Run 02:51
9. Angel 03:34
10. Make it Home 03:33
11. I Don't Care 02:46
Total playing time: 37:49


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