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GB ARTS “Return To Forever” /CD/

GB ARTS “Return To Forever” /CD/
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Debut full-length album by the German Progressive/Heavy/Power Metal band.
The surprisingly mature debut album. Maybe part of that is due to the contributions of Victor Smolski from Rage and Mario Lemole from Mind Odyssey. The production, at the hands of Smolski, is crisp and impeccable.
GB Arts play Power Prog Metal in vein of Ivory Tower or Vanden Plas. The keyboard of Andreas Beckman and guitar of Andre Rasfield are incredible. The marriage of their sound produces a thunderous union that attacks the listener with it intensity and embraces the listener with its subtle charm. The music is complex and richly layered. The vocals are not the operatic, soaring styling you would expect to accompany the typical Progressive Metal band. Achim Reichert's voice is aggressive and stays in the lower ranges for the most part. The combination of his grittier singing mixed with the atmospherically dense music is a good one.
The Progressive and Symphonic elements of the music are handled expertly. The keys dominate the sound when it is appropriate. The guitars weave from Classical to Neo-classical Power very deftly. Andre Rasfield stands out and plays with a captivating style that is impossible to ignore.
This CD represents the perfect blend of Rage and Fate's Warning or Dream Theater. The sound is innovative and tremendously enjoyable.
Fans of Rage will appreciate this disc as will fans of Progressive Metal. Fans of Power Prog will devour it from start to finish. This CD is out of print and almost impossible to find. If you can find the disc, it is well worth the effort! This one is a winner!!
B. Mind Records, 1998 (ISS 693200). Made in Germany. First press. Light shabby on the disc surface.

1. City of Light     05:22
2. Prophecy     05:41
3. Return to Forever     05:55
4. The Storm     05:30
5. Falling Rain     04:42
6. Behind the Mirror     06:34
7. Strange World     04:29
8. Through the Centuries     06:28
9. Time to Go     06:56
Bonus Track:
10. Parade of the Innocence     11:30
Total playing time: 01:03:27


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