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MANOWAR “Louder Than Hell” /CD/

MANOWAR “Louder Than Hell” /CD/
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The eighth full-length album by the legendary American Epic Heavy/Power Metal band.
There comes a time when every band has to make the leap from new to old, green to veteran, amazing to reliable, exciting to enjoyable. "Louder Than Hell" is fairly typical of Manowar thematically and musically. After hearing this one, it's very clear that Manowar doesn't want to change anything of their classic and "true" sound. They will keep playing loud and Epic Heavy Metal, till the day of their death. And it's great to know that. Manowar is stuck in the sound of the "Kings Of Metal" album, with heavy anthems against false Metal and Epic Power ballads, wich always remember to that beautiful song, "Heart of Steel". Yes, here's nothing new, the same old Manowar, but the band is so great that it doesn't matter, although Manowar is releasing albums just like an excuse to play new songs live... they still are the same kickassing band!!
It is the first album to feature guitarist Karl Logan, as well as the return of drummer Scott Columbus (R.I.P.).
Cover art was done by Ken Kelly. The songs "Brothers of Metal", "Courage" and "Number One" were demoed and played live by the band already in 1986, 10 years before their official album release.
Geffen Records, Inc, 1996 (GED 24925 / 424 925-2) Made in Germany.

1. Return Of The Warlord 5:19
2. Brothers Of Metal Pt. 1 3:54
3. The Gods Made Heavy Metal 6:03
4. Courage 3:49
5. Number 1 5:11
6. Outlaw 3:22
7. King 6:25
8. Today Is A Good Day To Die 9:42
9. My Spirit Lives On 2:09
10. The Power 4:09
Total playing time: 50:10 min.

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