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ANTHRAX "Stropm 442" /CD/

ANTHRAX "Stropm 442" /CD/
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Re-release of the seventh full-length album by the legendary American Thrash/Groove Metal band.
It was released in 1995, by Elektra Records. Anthrax claimed that their label, Elektra Records, didn't do enough to promote the album, and they left soon after.
"Stomp 442" is the Anthrax's first album without Dan Spitz on lead guitar. Though not yet credited as a member of the band, Paul Crook took over lead guitar duties.
Of the Big Four Thrash Metal bands, Anthrax is the one that gets the least amount of attention. Still being part of the big four warrants enough notoriety, with Anthrax being the most unique of them all specifically in the vocal department. Joey Belladonna was an excellent singer and his eccentric performances on their first albums are what gave Anthrax their charm, along with their relentless Thrash Metal riffs and intense double bass heavy drumming backing him up.
after Persistence of Time, Joey left the band and was replaced by ex-Armored Saint vocalist John Bush. Bush isn’t necessarily a bad singer - in a hard rock or groove metal band he would fit right in, but Anthrax isn’t a hard rock band; at least they weren’t until he joined the band. Sound of White Noise saw the band abandon their thrash metal roots and focusing on a very hard rock oriented sound. It was a solid album, far from their best but for the first album with a new singer it was a forgivable slip in their discography. With Stomp 442 they continue down the same path except they throw in some groove metal, almost nu-metal elements into the mix.
Combine an insipid vocal performance with one-dimensional riffs by Scott Ian, inaudible bass, and a standard drum performance and you have "Stomp 442" – a new step from the great Thrash Metal legends!
"Stomp 442" is the only Anthrax album not featuring the traditional Anthrax logo. The album's cover gained controversy when retailer Walmart refused to stock it in its stores.
The album debuted at No. 47 on the Billboard 200 charts. As of 2006, Stomp 442 had sold about 122,000 copies in the U.S.
A savage Anthrax album; and a worthy addition to any Metal collection!!
Enhanced re-edition contains two video clips from 1995!!
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 1995/2003 (NB 1205-2). Made in Germany.

1. Random Acts Of Senseless Violence     4:02
2. Fueled     4:02
3. King Size     3:59
4. Riding Shotgun     4:26
5. Perpetual Motion     4:20
6. In A Zone     5:07
7. Nothing     4:34
8. American Pompeii     5:30
9. Drop The Ball     4:59
10. Tester     4:22
11. Bare     8:00
Total playing time: 53:21

Enhanced part/clips:
- Fueled
- Nothing


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