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THORNS vs EMPEROR “Thorns Vs Emperor” /Super Jewel Box Split CD/

THORNS vs EMPEROR “Thorns Vs Emperor” /Super Jewel Box Split CD/
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Re-release of the classic split album by the Norwegian Black/Industrial Metal bands Thorns and Emperor.
The album features a mixture of covers and originals, as well as re-recorded versions of older tracks. Originally formed in 1989 by mastermind Snorre Ruch, "Thorns Vs Emperor" was the guitarist's first release after Snorre emerged from an 8 year prison stretch, seeing the light of day in 1999.
The Thorns part of this disc features reworked & re-recorded versions of demo tracks which had been swarming the underground for years. It features the first recorded material from Thorns since the 1992 "Trøndertun" demo. Satyr of Satyricon provides vocals on all Thorns tracks. The songs were given a new, clean & powerful lease on life with the razor sharp, chilling riffs. New samples and effects were also added to further the dark and strange atmosphere, lending a slight Industrial texture to some parts.
Emperor shows their wizardry with classical, Industrial & Electronic renditions of their own.
With Emperor now tragically in the realms of the past tense and Thorns still promising this is a chance to fill gaps in the collection and, as always, the attention to detail that has gone into putting together this package makes it a worthwhile addition to your collection. An icy piece of Black Metal history!
Re-edition includes 3 rare bonus tracks from Thorns!!
Some of the most eerie, menacing, pitch-black, ice-cold Black Metal there is, ever was, and ever will be!!!
Peaceville Records, 1999/2011 (CDVILED322). Made in UK.

1. Emperor - Exördium     3:00
2. Thorns - Aerie Descent     8:34
3. Emperor - I Am     5:04
4. Emperor - Aerie Descent     6:05
5. Emperor - Thus March The Nightspirit     5:39
6. Thorns - Melas Khole     6:31
7. Thorns - The Discipline Of Earth     7:40
8. Thorns - Cosmic Keys     6:12
Bonus Tracks:
9. Thorns - You That Mingle May     2:48
10. Thorns - The Discipline Of Earth (Pre-Production Mix)     7:40
11. Thorns - Aerie Descent (Pre-Production Mix)     8:34
Total playing time: 67:47


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