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The seventh EP of legendary German Heavy/Power Metal band.
Finally, a new release from Grave Digger. It’s been awhile since “Liberty or Death” and it’s time for us to feast once again! What special on this EP is the cover of Motorhead’s “Overkill”. It's unbelievable! It’s safe to say this is the best Motorhead cover!! To be honest, it actually seems faster. Boltendahl’s vocal style fits perfectly with the song, although no one can beat Lemmy, he’s pretty damn close. Yes, it’s that good. The solos are performed perfectly, the bass sounds like Lemmey’s only much better produced, and the drums are furiously played.
The production on EP is neat. Very crystal clear, raw guitar sound, and Boltendahl’s vocals lies perfectly in there. Band have here concentrated on good, rocking songs instead of the a bit softer material on the last EP. The band has found new life with the addition of a new guitarist. This EP has served its purpose, to be a good warm-up for the upcoming full-length album “Ballads Of A Hangman”. If you’ve never heard the band this is a good start!!
Napalm Records/Mystic Empire/Mazzar Records, 2008 (MYST CD 401). Made in Russia.

1. Pray     4:01
2. Overkill     4:33
3. My Blood Will Live Forever     4:02
4. When The Sun Goes Down     3:51
Total playing time: 16:27

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