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HIM "Venus Doom" /Special Distinguished Limited Edition Digibook 2CD/

HIM "Venus Doom" /Special Distinguished Limited Edition Digibook 2CD/
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HIM "Venus Doom" /Special Distinguished Limited Edition Digibook 2CD/ HIM "Venus Doom" /Special Distinguished Limited Edition Digibook 2CD/ HIM "Venus Doom" /Special Distinguished Limited Edition Digibook 2CD/

The sixth full-length album by the legendary Finnish Gothic Rock/Metal band.
The Finnish Love Metal band HIM is easily one of the most hated as well as one of the most loved bands in the world. It's ridiculous how passionate everybody is about this band. Whether they hate it or love it, they do it with passion. At one point, they actually won "Best Band", "Band You Used To Hate But Now You Love" and "Band You Used To Love But Now You Hate" in the Metal Hammer's awards - as well as being runner-ups in the "Worst Band" category.
And now, luckily for the lovers and unfortunately for the haters - they are back.
"Venus Doom" is the band's second release for Sire Records. Prior to this the band has gone from being an underground Heavy Metal band to being Europe's most famous Gothic Pop band to being a mainstream Gothic rock band to becoming the band everyone loves to hate in the US. And they owe a lot of the hate (as well as love) to skater and CKY crew member, Bam Margera. His constant whoring of the bands infamous logo - the heartagram, combined with his frequent use of the band's music in his CKY movies and projects has made it very hard for Americans to take this band seriously.
HIM is back with a brand new album. This is in no way HIM's heaviest album. But it's definitely heavier and dirtier than "Dark Light". Mikko Lindström's cutting guitar solos are back. There's quite a few heavy throw-downs. There's a ten minute plus psychedelic jam session in the middle of the album. A sharp and edgy guitar riffs combined with upbeat and heavy drumming and a driving bass line comes pretty damn near to blow my speakers. This lasts for just fifteen seconds though, till it suddenly dies out in favour of a piano and Valo's distinct voice... The vocals lack the intensity some fans were hoping for, but still possess that special Valo-nerve. And it's good to hear Valo shouting again! The bass has always been very melodic and easy on the ears. On this album it sometimes succeeds greatly with its purpose, but sometimes it's near unnoticeable. The keyboards provide this album with an atmosphere and some unexpected calm parts. The guitar is 80% of this album. Really dominating. Lindström gets to prove his diversity and skill on this album, consequently making it a much better album than "Dark Light".
On 26 September, the album debuted at #12 in the U.S., with 38,000 copies sold. It made #31 in the UK. In Finland, "Venus Doom" peaked at #2, and in Germany it debuted at #3. As of November 2011, it has sold more than 1,000,000 copies worldwide. At the 50th annual Grammy Awards, Matt Taylor and Ville Valo, for HIM, were nominated for "Best Boxed/Special Limited Edition packaging" for "Venus Doom", but lost to "What It Is!: Funky Soul and Rare Grooves (1967-1977)" (performed by various artists and artwork by Masaki Koike).
"Venus Doom" is a rather good album. HIM is still one of the best mainstream Rock bands out there, and this is a great album!!
Sire Records/WEA/Warner Bros., 2007 (9362499888). Made in Germany. First press.

CD 1:
1. Venus Doom     5:08
2. Love In Cold Blood     5:54
3. Passion's Killing Floor     5:10
4. The Kiss Of Dawn     5:54
5. Sleepwalking Past Hope     10:02
6. Dead Lovers' Lane     4:28
7. Song Or Suicide     1:10
8. Bleed Well     4:24
9. Cyanide Sun     5:54

CD 2:
1. Love In Cold Blood (Special K Rmx)     4:25
2. Dead Lovers' Lane (Special C616 Rmx)     4:29
Total playing time: 56:58


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