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VELOCIDAD ABSURDA "Reborn For The Extermination" /Ltd. Digipack CD/

VELOCIDAD ABSURDA "Reborn For The Extermination" /Ltd. Digipack CD/
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VELOCIDAD ABSURDA "Reborn For The Extermination" /Ltd. Digipack CD/ VELOCIDAD ABSURDA "Reborn For The Extermination" /Ltd. Digipack CD/

Debut full-length album by Spanish Brutal Death Metal band.
"Reborn For Extermination" tries to follow a bit of an apocalyptic story regarding death and undeath through extremely gritty and hard Death Metal that is difficult to understand with how ferocious the growls are, but it panders to the Death Metal horror fans that just will provide any sort of adrenaline rush that is needed. Consider this a mix between Aborted and Deeds Of Flesh; the band isn't very technical and tends to stay either blast beat or chug heavy on tracks like "Slow Catatonic Inoculation" and "Beyond The Exterminated Veins" where the distortion from the guitars and the smattering of drums tends to make the vocals just more like background noise rather than a lyrical deliverer, and when the vocals turn to more of a pig squeal than its already indiscernible growl, all hope is lost for any translation. Other tracks like "The Last Undisfigured Human" tend to take a step back and let the guitars chug along while the vocals take the front, but the hybrid growl- squeals still doesn't help much for getting the story out (unless of course one chokes it out of them). The only track that really seems to make sense is the short sample of the "Outro" which basically states over creepy music that the world is coming to a disemboweled end, and that the first eight tracks before it were just the sound of annihilation that just wasn't made clear enough through all the roaring. It's grinding, crushing music meant to instill a sense of destruction rather than any hope and peace brought by melody. Basically, those looking for a story with Velocidad Absurda can pretty much tell it from the album cover, so only seek this out if one is looking for Brutal, uncompromising Death Metal that is meant more for audio pain than enjoyable music with an important message that isn't about death and destruction. And careful at their live shows... music like this is surely going to leave a few bodies behind in the pit!!
Hecatombe Records, 2011 (HEC-037). Made in Spain. First press.

1. Seven Plagues Against God     04:29
2. Severe Infection Cranial Face     03:27
3. Slow Catatonic Inoculation     04:00
4. Exhuming Purulent Corpses     02:40
5. Decapitated and Amputated     03:04
6. Beyond the Exterminated Veins     04:29
7. The Last Undisfigured Human     03:12
8. Desmembramiento Preventivo 2010     02:40
9. Outro (The Extermination)     00:48
Total playing time: 28:49


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