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VULCANOR “Maldita Pudricion” /CD/

VULCANOR “Maldita Pudricion” /CD/
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Debut full-length album by the Argentinean Heavy/Thrash Metal band.
This trio has been around for just about 3 years, and besides their 4-song EP titled "Jauría De Lobos", self-released and put out in 2011. Now the band has also released their first debut album in 2013, "Maldita Pudrición". This 11-track record is basically about going back to the early roots of Heavy Metal. Vulcanor's Spanish-sung Heavy Metal churned out with some slight Thrash Metal influences here and there, is a surprisingly intriguing package of all things exotic.
What makes Vulcanors's stuff work so well is actually pure simplicity of their song structures. They keep their songs pretty stripped down indeed, occasionally reminding of early Iron Maiden, Paul Di'Anno era. Most of the time the guys put firmly trusts on their own comfort zone, which is playing old school Heavy Metal in its purest form, accompanied with pretty nice amount of melodies. But then again, Vulcanor ain't really afraid of pushing pedal to the Metal either. A perfect example of this is clearly a song called "Luchando", in which all hell seems to break loose for them, especially in the first half of the song.
Hearing something like "Maldita Pudrición" is a really refreshing experience all in all, and it also proves finely that Heavy Metal music is an universal thing, something very special that connects so many people together all around the world now, as well as in the future for sure! So, long live the united brotherhood of Metal, and in the very same breath let's wish a long life for Vulcanor too!!
Desatan Records, 2013. Made in Argentina. First press.

1. Vivir para vencer     03:59
2. Sueño devastado     04:42  
3. A la involución     03:54  
4. Oscura maldad     03:19  
5. Resisitiendo en lo profundo     05:25
6. Monumento al diablo     03:32
7. Luchando     03:24
8. Existencia libertaria     06:20
9. Reinado fatal     02:39
10. Bajo una misma bandera     03:31
11. Jauria de lobos     04:30
Total playing time: 45:15


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