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VIRGIN SIN "Brotherhood Of Freaks" /CD/

VIRGIN SIN "Brotherhood Of Freaks" /CD/
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Debut full-length album by Swedish Thrash Metal band.
Virgin Sin, formed back in 1983 (!!!), might be a step into a more "forbidden" direction once they have collected all the Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P., King Diamond, Alice Cooper or Metallica albums. Old school Thrash, as played by Virgin Sin, isn't really bad. Nothing original or groundbreaking, true, but occasionally they are able to write a killer riff or two. It's actually damn fine Thrash with some catchiness.
Two bass drums aplenty, perfect guitar sound and well-thought-of arrangements are all above average. Dagon sings about usual cheap 'n' safe horror things such as razors, tarantulas, insanity, sacrifice, and nightmares, with some quite memorable hooks. Nothing serious, but at times very fun. The vocal delivery is safe as well, a combination of screaming and singing through screaming, in all the predictable places.
The star of the band is the leather faced SS-66 whose guitar hooks and solos aren't that far from what Andy LaRocque does.
Without the dumb, childish moments, and with more of the vicious Thrash marathons that they are clearly capable of, Virgin Sin could become a band to count on. And, yes, with a serious re-consideration of the image. Then, they'll be ready to move at least to the Second World, wherever that is. Since "Brotherhood Of Freaks" is only their first album, it can still happen.
Slayer and Annihilator meet Kiss and WASP!!
Mondongo Canibale Records, 2008 (MCR-011). Made in Spain. First press.

1.Brotherhood of Freaks 04:57
2.Eat Your Enemies 05:02
3.Tarantula 05:12
4.Deep Red 04:49
5.Scars 04:48
6.Whoregasm 04:11
7.Eternal Nightmare 05:49
8.Sane Inside Insanity 04:40
9.Face the Blade 03:19
10.Skinned Alive 05:28
Total playing time: 48:15


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