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VALKNACHT “Chants De Guerre” /CD/

VALKNACHT  “Chants De Guerre” /CD/
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Second full-length album by Canadian Pagan Black Metal band.
Astonishing Pagan Black from Quebec. One of the best highly-regarded bands in Canada!
The main concept here is a Black Metal foundation softened by some Pagan riffing, Folk instrumentation (mainly flute) and keyboard effects in the form of frequent choirs, string and wind instruments. The production is nice and fairly clear and lets all instruments be heard. The drumming at the foundation is rather fast and often steps up to blastbeats. The bass and the rhythm guitar are very Black Metal oriented and only play simple riffs to keep tempo and drive forwards. The melodies are left to the lead guitars and the Pagan side of the band, as described above. Keyboard choirs and sound carpets are used a lot to achieve a grand feeling and the flute comes in from time to time to drive a rather jolly tune in the midst of the Black Metal. Over this lie the front man’s growls. They can be described as a compromise between a Black and a Death Metal style. Raspy, yet rather clear, they often fit well into the whole mix. Overall, everything sounds fine with the roomy production and able musicianship.
Excellent stuff! Recommended for fans of: Ensiferum, Svartsot and Windir!!
CDMR, 2011 (CDMR 003). Made in Canada. Pressed in USA. First press.

1. Valkyries Still Ride     09:01
2. Venu du Septentrion     07:52
3. Balder's Rebirth     07:26
4. Saxon's Will     08:14
5. The Autumn of the Gods     11:50
6. Mon Chemin Vers Le Valhalla     06:58
7. Rite Funéraire     09:50
Total playing time: 01:01:11


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