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HIRAX “Assassins Of War” + “Chaos And Brutality” /CD/

HIRAX “Assassins Of War” + “Chaos And Brutality” /CD/
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HIRAX “Assassins Of War” + “Chaos And Brutality” /CD/ HIRAX “Assassins Of War” + “Chaos And Brutality” /CD/

Re-release of the fourth and fifth EPs on one CD by the cult American Thrash Metal band.

Hirax return in 2007 with an almost completely new line-up and a new EP. Since the writing team of Glenn Rogers and Katon W. DePena are still in place from "New Age Of Terror", the new EP continues in much the same manner. "Assassins Of War" features five new songs of blistering Thrash Metal. The disc starts off with what is sure to become a staple of Hirax shows, "Lucifer's Infierno". The song starts off with a mean, slow mid-paced crunch before bursting into a fast, speed Metal number with a quick down beat. Katon's raspy, charismatic cackles are in fine form. The guitar tag team of Lance Harrison and Glenn Rogers both unleash some fast guitar solos towards the end of the song as well. "Summon the Death Dealers" starts of with a familiar Glenn Rogers sounding open before picking up the speed. Once again, the song is completed with some tag team guitar solos. This song is a little bit slower than the album opener and has a memorable, repeated chorus. "City of the Dead" is a mid-paced Thrasher complete with a furious double bass assault and Katon screaming in his best Punk/Crossover voice. "Invasion" is a short, slower, Doomy/Heavy Metal number with a Black Sabbath influence. This song acts as an opening for the title, which is guaranteed to be a classic in the Hirax catalog. The title track has a familiar sound. Those familiar with Glenn's work with Deliverance and Vengeance will be pleased with this song. To put it in the simplest terms, "Assassins of War" rules!

"Chaos And Brutality" - EP from Katon and Company recorded in February 2007 at Shiva Industries in California. In reality this is more of a CD-single than an EP. Basically it is the only new song, "Chaos and Brutality", on this and was recorded at the same time that the tracks for "Assassins Of War" were recorded. "Walk with Death" is the re-recorded version of a song of Hirax's 2001 “Barrage Of Noise” EP, and it’s quite good. The playing is tighter and the overall production gives it less of a Punk/Crossover feel and more of a Metal vibe. A lot of this is due to Glenn Rogers influence on the band. The final two songs are short instrumentals that the band used as concert intros. "100.000 Strong" is the band's first recorded instrumental track. "Lucifer's Infierno Reprise" is a reprised version of the song "Lucifer's Infierno", which appeared on "Assassins Of War" EP.
Unfortunately all this material is the last studio recordings of Hirax with Glenn Rogers doing the writing. And this was one of the most expensive CD singles ($13 for one new song, one re-recorded song and two short intros).

Great band with excellent stuff will satisfy every Thrash Metal Maniac!
For fans of: Razor, Onslaught, Whiplash, Exodus, Slayer, Lethal Aggression, Nuclear Assault, Heathen and more!!
Black Devil Records/Pacheco Records, 2007/2009. Made in Argentina.

1. Lucifer's Inferno
2. Summon The Death Dealers
3. City Of The Dead
4. Invasion
5. Assassins Of War
6. Chaos And Brutality
7. Walk With Death
8. 100.000 Strong
9. Lucifer's Infierno Reprise


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