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МАСТЕР / MASTER “VIII” /Digibook CD + Poster/

МАСТЕР / MASTER “VIII” /Digibook CD + Poster/
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МАСТЕР / MASTER “VIII” /Digibook CD + Poster/ МАСТЕР / MASTER “VIII” /Digibook CD + Poster/ МАСТЕР / MASTER “VIII” /Digibook CD + Poster/ МАСТЕР / MASTER “VIII” /Digibook CD + Poster/ МАСТЕР / MASTER “VIII” /Digibook CD + Poster/ МАСТЕР / MASTER “VIII” /Digibook CD + Poster/

The eighth full-length album by the legendary Russian Thrash Metal band.
The long-awaited album by the legendary Russian band, established in 1987, one of the founders of the Soviet Metal scene, the first since "33 Lives" album, released in 2006.
New material in the new line-up. Album was recorded in 2008-2010 with a number of musicians. In addition to the band's founder and guardian Alik Granovskiy and vocalist of the last few years Lexx, new Master is young guitarist Andrey Smirnov, who won credibility in the Metal scene as part of Everlost, endorser world guitar brands; legendary drummer Oleg Khovrin (Zemlyane, ex-Galaktika) and returned guitarist Leonid Fomin (also Charisma). Several keyboards parties was recorded by "classic" band's musician, Kirill Pokrovskiy, at his home studio in Belgium. All other tracks were recorded at Master Records Studio.
The English version of twelfth track "Oni kak my" was included in album "Maniac Party", where it was called "They Are Just Like Us".
This nice digibook comes with three bonus tracks and a poster!
CD-Maximum, 2010 (CDM 0910-2985). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Восьмая Дверь (Intro)     01:03
2. Замри!     04:02
3. Бульдозер     04:59
4. Суд Идёт     06:17
5. Большой Брат     04:15
6. Воздух!     04:55
7. Стальная Дверь     03:37
8. Человек-Саранча     05:10
9. Рубите Мачты!     03:49
10. Берег Иллюзий (бас-соло)     02:04
11. Kings of Rock-n-Roll (Russian version)     05:08
Bonus Tracks:
12. Они как Мы     05:20
13. Kings of Rock-n-Roll (English version)     03:37
14. Начало Восьмого     01:05
Total playing time: 55:21


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balamuth, 05.05.2014
Отличное приобретение,для всех ценителей старого русского трэша !

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