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VADER “The Ultimate Incantation” /CD/

VADER “The Ultimate Incantation” /CD/
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Debut full-length album by the legendary Polish Death Metal band.
Vader's debut album already established the band as having one of Death Metal's highest levels of technical skill, a level which would only improve over the '90s; "The Ultimate Incantation" is marred only by a low-tech production that tends to mute some of the band's Thrashy ferocity.
Heavily Morbid Angel influenced album from a band that has since become a stalwart of the Death Metal scene. Leading the way for the Polish legions, this album is a fine example of early 90's Death Metal with a technical and mystical edge.
Originally recorded at the Sunlight Studio with Thomas Skogsberg, but neither the record label or Vader was pleased with the outcome (supposedly due to only a drum machine being available), so it was decided to try another studio. The new studio that they recorded at was Rhythm Studios in England with producer Paul Johnson.
Jacek "Jackie" Kalisz and Jaroslaw "China" Labieniec were credited but did not perform on the album. Jaroslaw "China" Labieniec − guitar (credited, did not perform).
The most intense Death Metal album from Poland had ever produced up to that point (1993). Vader uses the formula of barbaric vocals, cold but brutal guitar riffs and ultra-speed drumming to create an earthquake of anti-Biblical proportions.
This is essentially a classic in the genre! Recommend to all fans of Death Metal and Thrash Metal in general!!
Earache Records, 1992 (MOSH59CD). Made in UK. Pressed in Netherlands.

1. Creation     1:30
2. Dark Age     4:40
3. Vicious Circle     2:53
4. The Crucufied Ones     3:36
5. Final Massacre     4:55
6. Testimony     4:00
7. Reign Carrion     6:49
8. Chaos     4:27
9. One Step To Salvation     3:48
10. Demon,S Wind     4:27
11. Decapitated Saints     2:28
12. Breath Of Centuries     4:53
Total playing time: 48:26


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