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GRAVE FLOWERS “Incarcerated Sorrows” /CD/

GRAVE FLOWERS “Incarcerated Sorrows” /CD/
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Second full-length album by Swedish Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal band.
Despite a slow beginning when "Incarcerated Sorrows" started, it is a fine album, complete with guitar solos and lovely keyboard work. Grave Flowers have been working hard since the band's conception and their dark, Amorphis influenced tunes can now be heard courtesy of Firebox Records.
Grave Flowers began as an idea and a song but did not grow until 1995 when the first demo was recorded. It received some nice reviews and eventually contributed some of its songs to compilations. They did the same thing in 1997 but did not release a full album until 2000 ("Solace Me"). Their latest demo came out as of 2003. One year later they were signed to Firebox Records for a two record deal.
Grave Flowers is a lovely mix of dark progressive music, like a musical thunderstorm. Their dirge-like melodies pull you along on a current of infectious misery. The guitars and keyboard stand out the most, with the guitar clean and clear at times and deep and crunchy at others. They have full, emotional solos and don't overdo it. The singer is okay and stays within the middle range.
The first couple of songs are somewhat lackluster compared to the rest on "Incarcerated Sorrows". "Your Memory Lives On" has the best keyboards on the record. It is a very sad and slow. "Sleep Demon Sleep" is heavy, catchy and has a good sense of groove. "Cold Despair" has some great keyboards.
Grave Flowers write music perfect for brooding. There are enough solid tunes on here to make the record worth owning and it will certainly take up its share of time in your CD player!!
Firebox Records, 2005 (firecd020). Made in Finland. Pressed in Germany. First press.

1. At Night     05:45
2. Lackrosy     05:47
3. Fear of Future     06:53
4. Sleep Demons Sleep     06:50
5. Freeze the Time     05:59
6. Save Me or Destroy Me     04:42
7. Erase/Delete     05:07
8. Cold Despair     07:31
9. Your Memory Lives On     07:22
10. My Final Night     05:01
11. Leaving the Warzone (Count Raven cover)     08:06
Total playing time: 69:03


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