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TERRORIZER “World Downfall” /CD/

TERRORIZER “World Downfall” /CD/
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Re-release of the debut full-length album by the legendary American Grindcore band.
"World Downfall" is regarded as one of the most influential Grindcore albums ever: it showcases crunchy, heavily distorted guitar riffs and extremely fast and precise blast beats in addition to growling, harsh vocals and lyrics dealing with social issues, features that would become a standard among Grindcore music, as of the cover art, which is similar to Napalm Death's "Scum" depicting a collage of Islamic terrorists, nuclear power plant, dead bodies and Jesus rising.
The Los Angeles-based trio (vocalist Oscar Garcia, guitarist Jesse Pintado and drummer Pete Sandoval) existed for only a short period of time, roughly from 1987 to 1988, and though they played some local shows, they were most successful on the tape-trading network so integral to the Underground Metal scene of the time.
Via this tape-trading network, Pintado came into contact with fellow guitarist Mitch Harris, who passed along the Terrorizer demo tape to Earache Records. The British label, which was ground zero for the Grindcore movement, wanted to usher Terrorizer into a studio to record an album.
About a third of the songs were actually Nausea material, the previous band of vocalist Oscar Garcia. The band only existed long enough to record this one Earache release. The album was released in 1989 when the band had already split up, with Jesse Pintado joining Napalm Death, and David Vincent and Pete Sandoval joining Morbid Angel.
While Terrorizer was never well known, since the band barely existed, let alone toured or promoted itself, "World Downfall" has grown in stature over time and is regularly cited as a Grindcore classic!!
5018615101628 Earache Records, 1989/1995 (MOSH 16CD). Made in UK.

1. After World Obliteration 3:29
2. Storm Of Stress 1:27
3. Fear Of Napalm 3:01
4. Human Prey 2:09
5. Corporation Pull-In 2:21
6. Strategic Warheads 1:38
7. Condemned System 1:22
8. Resurrection 2:59
9. Enslaved By Propaganda 2:14
10. Need To Live 1:17
11. Ripped To Shreds 2:52
12. Injustice 1:28
13. Whirlwind Struggle 2:16
14. Infestation 1:56
15. Dead Shall Rise 3:06
16. World Downfall 2:37
Total playing time: 36:12

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alex_g_s, 15.10.2017
Один из лучших альбомов всех времен и народов

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