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OBITUARY “Darkest Day” /Ltd. Slipcase CD/

OBITUARY “Darkest Day” /Ltd. Slipcase CD/
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Special edition of the eighth full-length studio album by the legendary American Death Metal band.
One of the great paradoxes of Metal is that critics will assail a band for lacking innovation one minute and then hail another band for sticking to their tried and true formula the next. Obituary invariably finds itself on the latter half of this equation, and the reason is likely that the trademark sound they honed on Death Metal classics such as “Slowly We Rot” and “Cause Of Death” was so powerful and endearing that it would have been pure foolishness to pull an artistic about face. That’s why when Obituary goes about making another nearly identical studio album, as they have with their latest, “Darkest Day”, fans are more than happy to rehash those monolithic mainstays of the Obituary sound.
“Darkest Day” comes out all guns blazing with “List of Dead”, the atypical Obituary rapid fire floor mover. It’s clear from the get go that John Tardy’s voice has lost nothing in the 20 years since he basically reinvented Death vocals. From there the album settles into a sludgy groove, slowing down the tempo for a few tracks.
As always, the buzz saw Obituary tone and simplistic, chugging riffs are there. Everyone’s favorite fill-in Ralph Santolla brings his viscous, fluid leads to the mix on songs such as “Outside My Head”, which hold true to the Obituary back catalogue.
This album is the final to feature longtime bassist Frank Watkins, who played in the band since “Cause Of Death”. “Darkest Day” keeps to the slow end of the Obituary arsenal, with only four of the album’s 13 tracks offering a glimpse of the band’s occasional penchant for speed. The album appropriately closes with the six-minute-plus “Left to Die”, a plodding, methodic number that hammers home the fact that this is where Obituary’s comfort zone lies - in the putrid primordial ooze of the beast spawning Florida swamps. Personnel changes over the years aside, the core of the Tardy brothers and guitarist Trevor Peres remains intact. And within that core lies that untouchable Obituary codex that, while not especially difficult to decipher, purists wouldn’t have the band alter for anything!
With Obituary, you always know what you're going to get, and they do not disappoint!!
Special Edition enhanced Slipcase CD includes three live bonus videos and interview with the band.
Candlelight Records, 2009 (CANDLE232CDS). Made in UK. First press.

1. List Of Dead 3:34
2. Blood To Give 3:34
3. Lost Inside 3:54
4. Outside My Head 3:52
5. Payback 4:29
6. Your Darkest Day 5:06
7. This Life 3:45
8. See Me Know 3:22
9. Fields Of Pain 3:17
10. Violent Dreams 1:59
11. Truth Be Told 4:49
12. Forces Realign 4:37
13. Left To Die 6:22
Total playing time: 52:40

Bonus Videos:
14. Internal Bleeding (Live)
15. On The Floor (Live)
16. Face Your God (Live)
17. Obituary Interview


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