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First re-release of the seventh full-length album by the legendary American Progressive Metal band.
The album continues with the commercial sound that "Parallels" began, but not as effective as a collective whole. The tracks seem to be a bit edgier and slightly harsher than those from "Parallels", and lyrically they are more introspective.
Mark Zonder's drumming approach continues to impress and Jim Matheos' guitar arrangements have grown increasingly complex; however, the band seems to be struggling for a clear direction. An effort toward commercial success is evident; however, they are also attempting to satisfy their core fan base. The standard strong structures can grow tiresome, but there are catchy melodies such as "Shelter Me" and "Pale Fire." "Island in the Stream" is a memorable ballad that works despite the use of strings. "Down to the Wire" and "Face the Fear" are aggressive songs that show the band's energy, but again suffer from Pop clichés. "Monument" is the session's best performance and has become one of the band's most requested songs (Mark Zonder is simply astonishing on this track). For all the fans who are in awe of Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy, it would be a disservice not to investigate the Progressive stylings of Zonder. The music here is bubbling just below the surface, but never quite erupts as it should. Still recommended for Zonder's performance alone.
It was the last to feature long-time members Frank Aresti and Joe DiBiase, who left after its release. Aresti would rejoin Fates Warning in 2005 and appeared on their 2013 album "Darkness In A Different Light". DiBiase would return in 2010 for a number of shows, but did not officially rejoin.
"Inside Out" is an extremely melodic album, featuring amazing musicianship and fine songwriting both in terms of music and lyrics. Having that said, no Fates Warning or Metal collection would be complete without this album, so go buy it!!
Massacre Records, 1994/2004 (MASS CD 037). Made in Germany.

1. Outside Looking In 4:50
2. Pale Fire 4:17
3. The Strand 5:29
4. Shelter Me 4:45
5. Island In The Stream 6:30
6. Down To The Wire 4:30
7. Face The Fear 5:37
8. Inward Bound 2:34
9. Monument 6:34
10. Afterglow 3:26
Total playing time: 48:32

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