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DIO "Sacred Heart" /CD/

DIO "Sacred Heart" /CD/
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Third full-length album by the legendary American Heavy Metal singer and his band.
Keeping the same line-up, Dio didn't waste much time releasing on August 15, 1985 the highly anticipated third album, "Sacred Heart". Even if this new release followed the same musical and lyrical formula of the previous albums, this record is somehow trapped in Ronnie's indecision about "Sacred Heart"'s overall musical direction. If songs like "King of Rock and Roll" or "Sacred Heart" somewhat keep the original "Holy Diver" soul, firmly based on strong stylish riffs and a classic Hard Rock rhythm section that always avoid overacting performances, tracks like "Rock 'n' Roll Children" or "Hungry for Heaven" are clearly more mainstream compositions, deliberately made to please vastest audiences that could push "Sacred Heart" into the always commercially tempting US billboard. However "Sacred Heart"'s main problem isn't these four songs. Even with different musical approaches, "King of Rock and Roll", "Sacred Heart", "Rock 'n' Roll Children" and the extremely catchy "Hungry for Heaven" are all great songs that largely please Dio's demanding fan base. The main issue here are the uninspiring "Another Lie, Just Another Day", "Falling Angels" and specially the unexpected filler "Shoot Shoot" that push "Sacred Heart" into average territories, irrevocably damaging the overall quality of this album. This inconsistency could have been avoided if Ronnie James Dio managed to build a coherent flow throughout the album avoiding the unnecessary cliché songwriting so usually seen in the mid-80's.
This was the last Dio album to include guitarist Vivian Campbell, who went on to join several other bands, most notably Def Leppard, Riverdogs, Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy.
Even if "Sacred Heart" failed to match the high quality of Ronnie James Dio previous releases, memorable moments like "King of Rock and Roll", "Rock 'n' Roll Children" or "Hungry for Heaven" help to make "Sacred Heart" an enjoyable listening experience. The top level musical performances from this now legendary line-up, with honourable mentions to Vivian Campbell's inspired guitar work and Ronnie James Dio's always amazing vocal performance, also give that extra push to place "Sacred Heart" among Dio's most respectable releases!
Album peaked at #29 on the Billboard 200. It is one of Dio's most well-known albums, including singles such as "Sacred Heart", "Rock 'n' Roll Children" and "Hungry for Heaven". The RIAA certified “Sacred Heart” Gold (500,000 units sold) on October 15, 1985. It was for a long time the last Dio album to receive this certification, until “The Very Beast of Dio” was certified Gold on November 3, 2009.
Warner Bros. Records Inc., 1985 (9 25292-2). Made in USA.

1. King Of Rock And Roll 03:49
2. Sacred Heart 06:27
3. Another Lie 03:48
4. Rock 'n' Roll Children 04:32
5. Hungry For Heaven 04:10
6. Like The Beat Of A Heart 04:24
7. Just Another Day 03:23
8. Fallen Angels 03:57
9. Shoot Shoot 04:20
Total playing time: 38:26

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