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HERE COMES THE KRAKEN "Here Comes The Kraken" /CD/

HERE COMES THE KRAKEN "Here Comes The Kraken" /CD/
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The debut full-length album by Mexican Technical Deathcore band.
Mexican giant grinding colossus that manages to mix Death Metal with Technical Hardcore... an extreme Groove octopus with the most terrible intentions!
Here Comes The Kraken are a Brutal Technical Deathcore band hailing from Mexico of all places. They combine ferocious technicality, guttural vocals and cunt smashing breakdown riffs, and the fact is, Here Comes The Kraken are ridiculously good at what they do. Every member is very competent and the band's songwriting skills are certainly not average. There are frequent bouts of guitar wankery, usually in the form of sweeping but it is always welcomed.
After the obligatory introduction track, things really get going with "Don't Fail Me Darko". Right from the onset, you know this band mean business; tight blastbeats aplenty, very well done vocals incorporating a mix of high screams and low growls and a good blend of brutality and melody in the riffs.
The rest of the album follows suit really. But what sets this band apart from their Deathcore peers is the way they can seamlessly blend extreme brutality with a great sense of melody - it is clear that the songwriting skills of the band are very well developed. There are some superb double bass drum patterns and generally the drums are interesting and varied enough to keep you interested. The rhythm section is probably one of the most impressive in the Deathcore genre - "Into The Slaughter Basement" has an excellent bass solo section before plunging you back into the depths of musical insanity.
Other album highlights include "Underwater Visions", a rip roaring track that features some awesome bass work, varied vocals and a great melodic section, proving that Here Comes The Kraken aren't always 100% brutal 100% of the time. All in all, the band's debut is extremely impressive and rated very highly in the Brutal Deathcore genre. Definitely check this out if you're into old Through the Eyes Of The Dead, The Boy Will Drown, Postmortem Promises, Aborted, Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Cryptopsy and all those other Deathcore bands that everybody loves to hate!!
Concreto Records, 2009 (CDCR32). Made in Mexico. First press.

1. It's Comming 0:26
2. Don't Fail Me Darko 4:24
3. Into The Slaughter Basement 4:40
4. Confessions Of What I've Done 4:00
5. Miss Starving Skeleton 2:40
6. Coplex 0:33
7. Underwater Visions 4:03
8. The Legend Of The Rent Is Way Hardcore 5:39
9. From The Deepest Darkness 4:00
10. I Shawtrcwbky 5:00
Total playing time: 35:25


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