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GRIMFAITH "Grime" /Slipcase CD/

GRIMFAITH "Grime" /Slipcase CD/
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Debut full-length album by Ukrainian Gothic/Doom Metal band.
Straight to our hearts, Grimfaith offers more than a common album only for the Goth lovers: powerful riffs against the sweetest keyboard melodies, growls against charming choirs and lust against the most candid sounds. With an amazing artwork by the famous artist Vjacheslav Nurgeslag (Autumnia, Tangorodream, Mournful Gust, Rotting Christ…), the Ukranian band introduce us in a world full of fantasy, old myths, theatrical scenes and the reminiscence of that old Europe of the Romantic Literature. If you like the incisive, the aggressive and the attractive side of perversion, join the Grimfaiths´s proposal!
Moon Records, 2008, (MR2908-2). Made in Ukraine. First press.

01. Saint Demonic Smile or Sex in Heaven
02. Vampire to Become
03. Funeral of Last Hope
04. Ruins of My Heart
05. The Faith of Grim
06. Weird Poetry by Jack
07. Jack is Back
08. Guttiere (Secret of the Sea)
09. Spinalonga (Leprosy Isle)
10. In Lust (bonus track)


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