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NEUROSIS "Honor Found In Decay" /CD/

NEUROSIS "Honor Found In Decay" /CD/
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The eleventh full-length album by the cult American Progressive Sludge Metal/Post-Hardcore/Tribal/Ambient band.
This album is notable for incorporating elements of Folk music while furthering the heaviness that was emphasized on Neurosis' previous album, "Given To The Rising". "Honor Found In Decay" speaks a quiet fury in a way that’s so familiar with the band and their sprawling career. It’s the last half of "My Heart for Deliverance" – a song so completely daunting in its muted conclusion that it bears listening to again and again despite the desire to move on to the next track. At this point in Neurosis’ tenure as a band it seems almost irrelevant to speak of their massive influence much less their continual sonic evolution towards the Progressive Rock for which they’re most well known. Here, however, on "Honor Found In Decay", the band has not made any movement towards change as much as they have toward comfort. It’s a dangerous thing for any band to become comfortable, least of all one whose influence has only recently been given its proper due, but this record finds Neurosis at their absolute level of satisfaction. There’s no push to be different, because there’s no need to be. It’s Neurosis!
"My Heart for Deliverance" is, by far, one of the band’s finest moments in their career and, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous Metal songs to be released this in 2012. There are no assumptions with Neurosis except that they will challenge you, and this record is no different save for the fact that the band themselves seem to be taking on the challenge themselves. As Kelly sings “I pray to the ocean,” it reminds of the infinite and ever changing world of music itself – the trends, the swells, the tide receding to expose a shore we’ve not yet traversed and then crashing back to cover us again in the heavy surge to perhaps cleanse us from our own misconceptions and misgivings. It is certainly a masterwork added to an ever-extending catalog of beauty, pain, and the question of existence for which this band has not simply made their mark but etched it in stone with the painstaking trudge of sound that belongs entirely to them!!
Neurot Recordings, 2012 (NR085). Used: very good.

1. We All Rage In Gold 6:36
2. At The Well 10:05
3. My Heart For Deliverance 11:41
4. Bleeding The Pigs 7:20
5. Casting Of The Ages 10:03
6. All Is Found...In Time 8:51
7. Raise The Dawn 5:58
Total playing time: 60:34

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