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GINGERPIG “The Ways Of The Gingerpig” /Promo CD/

GINGERPIG “The Ways Of The Gingerpig” /Promo CD/
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The debut full-length album by the Dutch Hard Rock/Bluese Rock band.
Gingerpig was founded in 2009 by Boudewijn Bonebakker, previously known for his work with Gorefest and whom following graduated at the conservatory with the music of Purcell and Bach. It characterizes the versatility of the band that went through turbulent times but came back out cleansed.
A wayward mixture of Seventies-Rock, Blues, Fusion, Hard Rock and Post-Metal. The music of Gingerpig has its origins in the sixties and seventies and the vocal parts feature characteristics of Chris Cornell, Focus and sometimes even Kansas. The Hammond organ has a strong role on this album and clearly gives the music of Gingerpig that seventies feeling with references to bands like Deep Purple and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
The album contains only eight tracks but almost every single one is a beauty and completely different from the other. There is something for everybody on this brilliant album as Gingerpig never bores its listeners for there is an extremely good balance between ballads and Rock songs!
Suburban Records, 2011 (BURBCD 075). Made in Netherland. First press.

1. Indefinite Muddle Of Conspiracies 5:42
2. Pipedream 3:49
3. March Of The Gingerpig 3:01
4. Dimlighted Heart 9:40
5. Digging With Bare Hands 6:52
6. Undefined Call 4:28
7. Joe Cool ( The Fool ) 5:16
8. Blind To Reason 5:32
Total playing time: 44:20


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