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MANOWAR "Battle Hymns" /CD/

MANOWAR "Battle Hymns" /CD/
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Remastered Classic Rock Series European re-release of the debut full-length album by the legendary American Epic Heavy/Power Metal band.
What does "Battle Hymns" mean to us this day? Well, it shows a band accused of excess at their leanest, playing with such heart and such sonic thunder, and with an urgency that would be severely lessened for most of their career. Manowar's status as the laughing stock of Metal is a pretty good example of just how Metal is misunderstood by the masses, and indeed, by the fans themselves... Manowar deserve celebration far more so then mockery, definitely. No big deal though; if music critics would rather listen to pop offered by Motown Records then this then clearly they've got some sort of serious mental illness and there's nothing we can do. Needless to say you seriously need this album if you like good music!
This guys unwittingly created a masterpiece! Enjoy it for all its intentions and what it truly delivers!!
EMI Records Ltd., 1982/2000 (7243 5 24617 2 1). Made in Europe. Pressed in Poland.

1. Death Tone     4:50
2. Metal Daze     4:20
3. Fast Taker     3:56
4. Shell Shock     4:09
5. Manowar     3:38
6. Dark Avenger(With Narration By Orson Wells)     6:24
7. William's Tale     1:54
8. Battle Hymn     6:56
Total playing time: 36:07

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