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MANOWAR “The Triple Album Collection” /3CD Set/

MANOWAR “The Triple Album Collection” /3CD Set/
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MANOWAR “The Triple Album Collection” /3CD Set/ MANOWAR “The Triple Album Collection” /3CD Set/ MANOWAR “The Triple Album Collection” /3CD Set/ MANOWAR “The Triple Album Collection” /3CD Set/

Re-release of the three cult albums, “Fighting The World”, “Kings Of Metal” and “The Triumph Of Steel”, in one set, by legendary American Heavy/Power Metal band.

“Fighting The World” is the fifth full-length album by Manowar.
This is Metal as it should be. Energetic, great riffs, the incarnation of a vocal-god in Eric Adams and of course a whole bunch of the best Metal songs that ever have seen the light of this planet. With "Carry On", "Defender" and "Black Wind, Fire And Steel" there are three immortal classics on this album, which truly deserve their place in the Olymp of Metal!
This was the first Manowar album to feature artwork by long-time collaborator Ken Kelly, and also the first Heavy Metal album to be recorded and mixed entirely on digital equipment.

"Kings Of Metal" is the sixth full-length album by Manowar.
On "Kings Of Metal" Manowar once again proclaim their Metal superiority thusly: "Other bands play, Manowar kills". The twin sentiments of the band's Metal mastery and the majesty of medieval heroism in battle are doggedly repeated on this release. Surprise of album - Joey DeMaio's blinding 64th-note bass playing on a reworking of Russian classicist Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee" entitled "Sting of the Bumblebee".
The most popular album in the history of the band which entered the list of "200 best Rock albums of all time".

“The Triumph Of Steel” is the seventh full-length album by Manowar.
With a 28-minute opening track, slightly expanded lyrical themes and some of the best rhythmic onslaughts recorded by Manowar, "The Triumph Of Steel" is perhaps the band's finest '90s offering! While never abandoning their myopic swords-and-sorcery themed Power Metal, Manowar had evolved musically during their first decade together and the music of this 1992 release benefits from what must have been countless hours woodshedding extreme musical figures.
It is the only Manowar album to feature guitarist David Shankle and drummer Kenny Earl "Rhino" Edwards.

So, brothers, put this CDs into your player, get a tankard of beer, lean back and just let these Gods of Metal made flesh run you over!!!
Atlantic Records/Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company, 1987/1988/1992 (8122797397). Made in EU. First press.

CD 1 (Fighting The World):
1. Fighting The World 3:46
2. Blow Your Speakers 3:36
3. Carry On 4:08
4. Violence And Bloodshed 3:59
5. Defender 6:01
6. Drums Of Doom 1:18
7. Holy War 4:40
8. Master Of Revenge 1:31
9. Black Wind, Fire And Steel 5:17

CD 2 (Kings Of Metal):
1. Wheels Of Fire 4:11
2. Kings Of Metal 3:45
3. Heart Of Steel 5:10
4. Sting Of The Bumblebee 2:45
5. The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings) 4:46
6. Kingdom Come 3:55
7. Pleasure Slave 5:37
8. Hail And Kill 5:54
9. The Warriors Prayer 4:20
10. Blood Of The Kings 7:30

CD 3 (The Triumph Of Steel):
1. The Glory Of Achilles 28:37
2. Metal Warriors 3:59
3. Ride The Dragon 4:30
4. Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee 6:00
5. Burning 5:09
6. The Power Of Thy Sword 7:49
7. The Demon's Whip 7:44
8. Master Of The Wind 5:27
Total playing time: 151:24


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