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GENITORTURES “Blackheart Revolution” /Promo CD/

GENITORTURES “Blackheart Revolution” /Promo CD/
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The third full-length album by American Industrial Metal/Rock band.
This band is brainchild of lead singer Led, wife of David Vincent of Morbid Angel!
Band's blend of Industrial Dance Metal had its moment a decade or so ago, but this band guaranteed that black-leather-clad groove pretty much have a cult audience of equally die-hard listeners at this time too. They also pushing to their music some Electro and Hardcore Punk.
"Devil in a Bottle" sounds exactly like a Rob Zombie song, and he's another one whose failure to evolve has hurt his art. Even when they try to do something else, as on the Heavy Alt Rock semi-anthem "Falling Stars", the mix of '60s rhythm (including tambourine) and less-distorted-than-usual guitars reeks of the '90s. Anybody remember the Nymphs? Genitorturers do, apparently. And the less said about the retro Techno track "Cum Junkie", the better. Vocalist Gen has undeniable talent - she can roar like Rob Zombie, sing with female force like Lita Ford, and go even cleaner than that when she wants to - and the members of the band can play. There's a nice guitar solo on "Louder", which is a crowd-rocking fist-pumper in the tradition of Kiss' "I Love It Loud".
For fans of: Marilyn Manson and White Zombie!
Achtung!! David Vincent (Morbid Angel) on bass and backing vocals!!!
Season Of Mist, 2009 (SOM 212). Made in France. Pressed in Austria.

1. Revolution
2. Kabangin' All Night
3. Devil In A Bottle
4. Louder
5. Falling Stars
6. Take It
7. Confessions Of A Blackheart
8. Cum Junkie
9. Vampire Lover
10. Tell Me



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