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CANDLEMASS "King Of The Grey Islands" /CD/

CANDLEMASS "King Of The Grey Islands" /CD/
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The ninth full-length album by the legendary Swedish Epic Doom/Stoner Metal legend.
This is the first album recorded following the departure of vocalist Messiah Marcolin who left the band during the pre-production phase of the album. He was replaced by Robert Lowe (ex-Solitude Aeternus), who would stay with the band until his departure in June 2012.
Can Candlemass survive without Messiah Marcolin? Yes!! New singer Robert Lowe just amazing! He manages the trick of taking after Ronnie James Dio without ripping him off. He uses a lot more emotion than Messiah ever did, too. The all stuff amazing too! Its Messiah Marcolin’s fault this album is so good. The music was already completed long before he left the band and he could only have fu**ed up the whole thing. “King Of The Grey Islands” really confirms idea that Messiah was holding them back. The album has all the elements were missing in “classic Candlemass”.
Suddenly the band dares to experiment. There are, for instance, more acoustic guitars and keyboards than on any previous Candlemass album and there are more unusual song structures for a Doom band. This is definitely the most Progressive album the band has made so far.
“King Of The Grey Islands” is not only recommended, it’s obligatory for anyone who loves Heavy Metal! This might be just an album of the year!!
Nuclear Blast, 2007 (NB 1818-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Prologue 0:55
2. Emperor Of The Void 4:31
3. Devil Seed 5:46
4. Of Stars And Smoke 5:38
5. Demonia 6 6:25
6. Destroyer 7:56
7. Man Of Shadows 6:16
8. Clearsight 6:51
9. The Opal City 1:13
10. Embracing The Styx 8:20
Total playing time: 53:51

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