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HAMMERFALL “Threshold” /CD/

HAMMERFALL “Threshold” /CD/
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The sixth full-length album by the cult Swedish Heavy/Power Metal band.
For the past few releases, HammerFall have been suffering from the inevitable backlash resulting from their nigh single-handed resurrection of the Power Metal genre. At one point, the band seemed to be beloved by all for bringing the power and glory back to golden days of Heavy Metal, but their success led to the avalanche of Power Metal wannabe bands and a glut of epic proportions had begun. With this album the band has taken a decided turn towards Teutonic, marching rhythms and has largely eschewed the rampant gallop that brought so many punters into their camp to begin with.
Right from the start of the albums opener, it is evident that the band has gotten better. The opening riff of the album's first track, "Threshold", is much heavier and stronger than anything the band has done in their past few releases. Only, this time the band is able to build on this early momentum. The title track is a very solid showing of HammerFall's true potential, as it combines the power and strength or the genre, and mixes it with the melodic prowess that fans of Power Metal have come to love throughout the last 20 years. Throughout the album, HammerFall replicates the energy of the opener through songs like "Natural High" and "The Fire Burns Forever". HammerFall's rise to decency has a lot to do with guitarists Oscar Drunjak and Stefan Elmgren. No longer content with playing simple, boring riffs and melodies, the pair has an outstanding outing on "Threshold". Their playing is tasteful and exciting, and at can get very interesting at times. With Oscar and Stefan leading the way, it seems as though the band has had a fire lit under them. HammerFall write some pretty good material when they're inspired. Well-produced, well-worn Traditional Metal with crunching Power chords, solid mid-to-high range vocals, gang-shout choruses and nifty solos. The songs here mostly fall into the mid-tempo range, but the band does light a fire under a couple tracks that harkens back to the glorious days of the first two records.
It is currently the last HammerFall studio album with the guitarist Stefan Elmgren and the bass guitarist Magnus Rosén, as Rosén left the band in 2007 and Elmgren left in 2008.
The album entered the Swedish charts at number one, staying on the chart for eight weeks. This was the band's first No. 1 since "Renegade" in 2000. 
"Threshold" is heavier, darker, and stronger than anything the band has done thus far. Recommended to fans of Traditional Metal and those that may have given up on the band after "Renegade" or "Crimson Thunder"!
The CD contains HammerFall Player software for PC that gives you access to videos, pictures, news and other exclusives!!
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2006 (NB 1752-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Threshold 4:54
2. The Fire Burns Forever 3:22
3. Rebel Inside 5:34
4. Natural High 4:15
5. Dark Wings, Dark Words 5:02
6. Howlin' With The 'pac 4:06
7. Shadow Empire 5:15
8. Carved In Stone 6:12
9. Reign Of The Hammer 2:50
10. Genocide 4:43
11. Titan 4:26
Total playing time: 50:39

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