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PARASOPHISMA "A Variable Invariability Varied" /CD/

PARASOPHISMA "A Variable Invariability Varied" /CD/
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Progressive Metal from Czech Republic
Zero Budget, 2007

1. The Contrariety of Someone?s Generally Recognized "Common Thoughts" 07:52
2. Infiltration of Impossible Ways of Attainment 04:10
3. The vain effort of pedanties 06:07
4. Slave?s laughter of hypocrisy, dissimulation and daily life     04:51
5. Paralogism & Sophistry 04:27
6. Tips and Tricks for Successful Attaining One?s Goal (for Women Only) 05:02
7. The law of double negation/Song of thirsty dog 05:44  
8. Who Rejoices is Happy, Who Saddens Not Rejoices 04:42
9. ...with Accuracy Exceeding the Possibility of Its Achieving... 04:24


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