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SEPULTURA “Schizophrenia” /CD/

SEPULTURA “Schizophrenia” /CD/
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Remastered re-release of the second full-length album by the legendary Brazilian Thrash/Death Metal band.
Brazilian Death Metal upstarts Sepultura took an incredible creative leap forward with their second full-length album. Although it was recorded not too long after their primitive Black Metal-dominated debut efforts, 1985's "Bestial Devastation" EP and 1986's "Morbid Visions" LP, "Schizophrenia" introduced an entirely new sound fusing Thrash and Death Metal, and all of it supported by much improved songwriting, musicianship, and the first truly professional-sounding production job of the band's short career.
Constant touring, rehearsal, and the addition of lead guitarist Andreas Kisser (it's the first album for the band with Kisser - his classical guitar training and memorable solos made an immediate impact) were all key to this stunning transformation, but the heightened level of proficiency at hand is such that it almost seems miraculous at times. With their precise, lightning-quick staccato riffing and multiple, distinct, but interlocking sections, the album's opening triplet of "From the Past Comes the Storm" (preceded by a Psycho-inspired intro theme), "To the Wall" and "Escape from the Void" proved simply devastating to the ears. And yet the seven-minute instrumental "Inquisition Symphony" (later covered by Finnish cello virtuosos Apocalyptica) was arguably even more breathtaking in its diversity, brilliantly showcasing the band's incredible, new-found combination of melody and aggression while adding some tasteful synth touches, to boot. Additional head-banging standouts is "Screams Behind the Shadows" and a re-recorded version of early fan favorite "Troops of Doom". All of which helped make "Schizophrenia" the first Sepultura release to make serious waves with international critics and fans, while setting the stage for the band's imminent breakthrough release, "Beneath The Remains"!
All songs were recorded during August 1987, except for the bonus track "Troops of Doom" which was recorded during August 26–27, 1990.
Re-edition also contains three other bonus tracks.
Roadrunner Records, 1987/1990/1996/1997 (RR 8764-2). Made in Germany.

1. Intro 0:32
2. From The Past Comes The Storms 4:56
3. To The Wall 5:38
4. Escape The Void 4:41
5. Inquisition Symphony 7:15
6. Screams Behind The Shadows 4:50
7. Septic Schizo 4:33
8. The Abyss 1:02
9. R.I.P. (Rest In Pain) 4:38
10. Troops Of Doom 3:18

Bonus Tracks:
11. The Past Reborns The Storms 5:08
12. Septic Schizo (Rough Mix) 4:34
13. Into The Wall (Rough Mix) 5:31
Total playing time: 56:36

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