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FRAGARAK “Crypts Of Dissimulation” /Digipack CD/

FRAGARAK “Crypts Of Dissimulation” /Digipack CD/
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Debit full-length album by Indian Progressive Death Metal band.
Fragarak from New Delhi have released a stunner of a debut full-length. Impeccably composed, the music is both melodic and aggressive in parts, an undulating motion with unpredictable but catchy, rhythmic Death Metal music. These guys are carving a path of their own, creating a blend of melodic and layered Death Metal when most other bands are ripping off Cannibal Corpse. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what the band sounds like but it's an amalgam of the old obscure Finnish/Swedish bands without using a fixed template of any one. It's Demilich, early At The Gates, Desultory, Dismember, Convulse, Cadaver, Creepmime and last but not the least, early Adramelech all rolled into one!
The album is an experience and almost peerless in the intricate way it's crafted and effortlessly, smoothly executed. Honestly, it beggars belief that Fragarak are a band from India of all places. Fragarak are creating a new wave of Progressive Death Metal of sorts, which is a very positive sign of things to come. This genre needs innovation more than anything else and they are up to the task. "Crypts Of Dissimulation" is one of the best debuts this country has witnessed!!
Selfreleased/Distributed by Transcending Obscurity, 2013. Made in India. First press.

1. Savor the Defiance 09:46
2. Insurgence 06:50
3. Effacing the Esotery 07:55
4. Dissimulation: An Overture 04:12
5. Cryptic Convulsion 08:03
6. Psalm of Deliverance 02:58
Total playing time: 39:34


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