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KING DIAMOND “Fatal Portrait” /CD/

KING DIAMOND “Fatal Portrait” /CD/
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First remastered re-release of the debut full-length album by the legendary Danish Heavy Metal band.
King Diamond's first solo effort, 1985's "Fatal Portrait", was a transitional album: still rooted in the satanically-bent Heavy Metal of his former band Mercyful Fate, but already showing signs of the theatrical and conceptual elements that the King would soon master like few before him. Along with "The Spider's Lullabye", this is one of the band's only albums which is not a whole concept album.
Anyway, the album's opening four-song suite: "The Candle", "The Jonah", "The Portrait", and "Dressed in White", denote King Diamond's first efforts to weave his horror stories over multiple, interrelated tracks. But compared to future triumphs in gothic storytelling, these are merely rough sketches, a simple dress rehearsal performed rather covertly - just in case the idea didn't succeed as planned. Sure enough, "Fatal Portrait"'s original second vinyl side returned to a more familiar (and safe) track-by-track approach, and it must be said standout numbers like "Lurking in the Dark", "Halloween", and "Haunted" are arguably the better for it.
Diamond can be heard experimenting with ever more vocal styles, spread across ever expanding layers of harmony lines with himself; but it's the new lead guitar tandem of Swedish "axepert" Andy LaRocque and former Fate member Michael Denner who take center stage here, their distinctive riffs and solos well and truly carrying the day. By the way, it's the only King Diamond album to date in which guitarist Andy LaRocque does not receive writing credits.
A fine album by any definition, "Fatal Portrait" is also required listening for Mercyful Fate fans, who will enjoy this final glimpse at glories past while getting a smoother transition into the ensuing operas of terror!!
The album has sold over 100000 copies in North America alone.
Remastered re-edition features second bonus track "No Presents For Christmas"!
Roadrunner Records, 1986/1997/2013 (RR 8789-2). Made in Germany.

1. The Candle 6:40
2. The Jonah 5:16
3. The Portrait 5:07
4. Dressed In White 3:08
5. Charon 4:16
6. Lurking In The Dark 3:34
7. Halloween 4:13
8. Voices From The Past 1:31
9. Haunted 3:54

Bonus Tracks:
10. No Presents For Christmas 4:20
11. The Lake 4:11
Total playing time: 46:17


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