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ACCEPT “Hungry Years” /CD/

ACCEPT “Hungry Years” /CD/
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The sixth compilation album by the legendary German Heavy Metal band.
With all tracks digitally remixed especially for this release, this compilation album has been reissued many times in many countries. Short and to the point, "Hungry Years" includes some of the best selections from Accept's early catalog, including "I'm a Rebel", "Breaker", and the metal classic "Restless and Wild". Rightfully, nothing is selected from the band's woeful eponymous 1979 debut. All three songs culled from "Restless And Wild - including the title track, "Princess of the Dawn", and "Fast as a Shark" - are career highlights for Accept, not just the early era covered on "Hungry Years". The tracks taken from the other two albums are among the best each have to offer, but any fans interested in the undeveloped sound of "The King" and "Midnight Highway" would probably want to seek out the releases these songs first appeared on. There is no substitute for "Restless And Wild", but all the collectors just need to have "Hungry Years" at their collections!!
Metronome Musik GmbH, 1987/2013 (831 077-2). Made in Germany.

1. Fast As A Shark 3:54
2. Burning 5:12
3. Son Of A Bitch 3:13
4. Princess Of The Dawn 6:25
5. I'm A Rebel 3:44
6. Breaker 3:34
7. Restless And Wild 4:16
8. The King 4:10
9. Midnight Highway 3:49
Total playing time: 38:33 min.


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