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GODDESS OF DESIRE “Conquerors Divine” /CD/

GODDESS OF DESIRE “Conquerors Divine” /CD/
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The third full-length album by Dutch Oldschool Blackened Heavy Metal/Thrash’n’Roll band.
Goddess Of Desire are known for their excessive live-shows with a lot of fire, blood, studs and furs and half naked chicks. After moving to Perverted Taste from Metal Blade, now we get their best effort so far! And how good it is! "Conquerors Divine" is a par force-ride and should be sacred to any Eighties-Metal-Freak! Their mix of old British Metal, Thrash and hefty Rock'n’Roll with Venom/Carnivore-like vocals is just it!
The songwriting quality on this record is outstanding, featuring crunchy Metal riffs and catchy choruses. Tracks like "The Wiccan", "Rites of War", "Confusion of Tongues" and the title track will bring a smile to every fan who is tired of all the Dragonforce's in the world. There is also a great level of musicianship exhibited by the band, starting with the guitarists Grev Drake and Lord Arydon. Both provide a lot of punch to the songs with their riffs and guitar solos that will constantly kick your ass all over the place. The rhythm session composed of Count August (bass) and Der Knüppelmeister adds a lot to the songs, it just feels as if they are a key part of their sound. The technically perfect songs all excel with power without end. They grip you, have a certain "prolo"-feeling and make one or more glasses of wine or beer taste even better! Definitive party-stuff for Metalheads at the beginnings of their 30s! The shout-along-factor is very high, because who's always singing along with other bands ala Queensryche or Agent Steel doesn't get too positive responses from his co-Metalians. The band use three vocalists; every single one uses a rough style but they all have differences that make them stand out.
This CD is brilliant! Songs like "Confusion Of Tongues" or "Rites Of War" kick ass that much and also the super-heavy production is great!! True is that we "only" get 11 real songs, but those are all plainly great and blow away 90% of all True Metallers (or those that say they are) with ease!!!
Perverted Taste, 2002 (PT 044). Made in Germany. First press. Used: like new.

1. The Eternal War (Intro) 0:22
2. Rites Of War 4:23
3. The Wiccan 3:37
4. Fallen Angel 4:38
5. Bonded By Metal 3:54
6. Seventh Sight 4:03
7. Confusion Of Tongues 5:32
8. Four Firer Warriors Of Satan (Intro) 0:32
9. Warlust Metal Knights 4:45
10. The Line 3:24
11. Release Us 3:49
12. Symbolof Triumph 4:24
13. Hellish Fire Burned The Souls (Intro) 0:45
14. Conquerors Divine 4:40
Total playing time: 48:48


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