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PLATEAU SIGMA “The True Shape Of Eskatos” /CD/

PLATEAU SIGMA “The True Shape Of Eskatos” /CD/
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Second full-length album by Italian Funeral Doom/Death Metal/Dark Rock band.
Plateau Sigma have this combination between the elements of Post-Rock & Metal along with the sounds of the ‘80s New Wave genre and creating this dark and sinister sound with an ominous touch to it as they describe themselves as the New Wave of Dark Rock. Basically this album is just a new step to reach the union of Funeral Doom, Doom Metal, Death Metal and 80's New Wave.
“The True Shape Of Eskatos”, is an attempt to combine obsessions, rituals, prophecies, dreams, and eroticism in music. The band follows their constant inspirations, such as antique and contemporary history, dreams, nightmares, sex, love, death, afterlife. Therein you also can find some tracks inspired by “Resurrection”, a Manuel Vicari’s idea for a fantasy romance, never released, but put in music by band.
The band tried to maintain a sound that respects the warmth and the purity of the analogue profile, improving it miles away compared to their first album "White Wings Of Nightmares".
Orchestral epochs within the verses of heavy tunes, slightly dosed with acoustic elements are thrilling and tearing apart. This whole album is covered in veil of darkness and grief, pain, painful mourn of human tragedy in times of rage, yet forgiveness; yes indeed, it shall show you the placed hidden in your depths of your heart, call upon the forgotten one and you will freaking love that.
The variation of clean singing, heavy riffs and growling will gaze your soul, open your chest and pollute your body; the combo of acoustic parts and female backing vocals, a gloomy rhythm, entering and closing along songs is amazing.
Plateau Sigma’s "The True Shape Of Eskatos" is not an easy album to listen to from beginning to end. But this is one of the most powerful, sinister, terrifying and astounding albums ever. They really have the guts and power to go into those darker areas with Doom/Death Metal, New Wave, and Gothic sounds and have a melodic touch to it as well. So be prepare to experience the sounds of Plateau Sigma. Be free, feel the darkness of generic senses, be open-minded/willing to let the sweeping Metallers' talent named under Plateau Sigma into your head!
Special guest Efthimis Karadimas from Nightfall!!
Beyond... Productions, 2014 (BEY.1450). Made in Italy. First press.

1. The Initiation 2:25
2. Satyriasis And The Autumn Ends 9:11
3. Stalingrad 14:47
4. Ordinis Supernova Sex Horarum 9:13
5. The River 10:36
6. Angst 13:23
7. Amber Eyes 8:13
Total playing time: 67:48


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