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IBRIDOMA “Goodbye Nation” /CD/

IBRIDOMA “Goodbye Nation” /CD/
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The third full-length album by Italian Heavy/Power Metal band.
With two EPs and three full-length albums already under their belt, Ibridoma have been around for quite some time. Their stance is one that should be familiar to those who love the Traditional aspects of the 1980’s – locked and loaded tempos that are steady and smooth with occasionally fill and double bass flourishes, easy on the ears melodies and vocal harmonies for emphasis during the choruses, and the guitars ringing out chord and riff progressions that make consumers throw out Metal signs and head bang.
Upon listening to a snippet of "Goodbye Nation", we hear that Ibridoma are a heavier Power Metal band with a dual guitar sound and heavy drums that is closer to Thrash Metal. The songs such as “My Star” and the title cut straddle the line between conventional acts like Primal Fear or Judas Priest and then a little bit of the Sunset Strip sound from say Babylon A.D. or Junkyard. Instead of tacking on a ballad towards the conclusion of the record, “Anja” appears as track four, the lead break very understated and complementary to the back and forth clean verses and heavier bridge/chorus instrumentation. The heavier, chunky staccato riffs during “You Are A Liar” work brilliantly against the sinister, maniacal vocal parts from Christian.
On three of the nine songs on "Goodbye Nation" Ibridoma recruited guest vocalists including Rhapsody Of Fire's Fabio Lione, Primal Fear's Ralf Scheepers, and Infernal Poetry’s Paolo Ojetti!
Massive Heavy Rock with the unmistakable Christian voice that weaves light melodies as counterpoint of a granitic sound. An album that will satisfy both the old school defenders and the lovers of new sounds! “Goodbye Nation” will find a home in some record collections for sure!!
SG Record, 2014 (SGCD073). Made in Italy. First press.

1. City Of Madness 4:10
2. Land Of Illusion 5:39
3. Goodbye Nation 3:15
4. Anja 3:45
5. Dreams Of The Dreams 4:34
6. My Dying Queen 3:52
7. Arcobaleno 4:43
8. My Star 3:10
9. You Are A Liar 4:15
Total playing time: 37:23


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