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VA “Obscene Extreme 2015” compilation /CD/

VA “Obscene Extreme 2015” compilation /CD/
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VA “Obscene Extreme 2015” compilation /CD/ VA “Obscene Extreme 2015” compilation /CD/

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Obscene Extreme Festival has become an obvious constant for all the fans of the most Extreme music styles during more than ten years of existence. A term that if not known by a true Grindcore, Death Metal, Crustcore, Goregrind or other Extreme style fan invokes just a general surprise and an uncomprehending expression. Yes, indeed it is a unique musical event that does not need any further introduction. Welcome to Obscene Extreme, to a paradise of every fan of the fastest, hardest, the most brutal music in the world!
2015 was 12th volume of the festival tournaments performed by the most Extreme bands from the whole world - 66 bands from 24 countries and 5 continents; altogether 66 extreme bands in 3 mad days. Obscene Extreme is the fest for all the lovers of Extreme music and for great meetings of friends. It is an international megaparty for fans from all over the world!!
Obscene Productions, 2015 (OBP112). Made in Czech. First press. Bend on inlay.

1. OBITUARY - Centuries Of Lies
2. S.O.B. - Downfall Of Civilization
3. PIG DESTROYER - The Diplomat
4. THANATOS - Global Purification
5. UNHOLY GRAVE - Groans In The Darkness (Re-mix)
6. BULLDOZER - Ilona The Very Best (Alternative mix)
7. GENERAL SURGERY - Rhythmic Epidermal Clamor
8. 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA - 3 Burn Marks On The Skull Of Trutnov UNRELEASED
9. HIRAX - Broken Neck
10. BROKEN HOPE - Ghastly
12. PUTRID OFFAL - Suffering
13. BBYB - Kozí dech
14. LAUTSTÜRMER - From First Breath
15. LIFELESS - Moribund
16. CLOUD RAT - The Boar's Snout
17. FOETAL JUICE - Albert Grindstein
18. BODYFARM - The Well Of Decay
19. MARUTA - Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth
20. FREDAG DEN 13E - Varje Dag är en Domedag
21. URTIKARIA ANAL - Mariachi Grind killer
22. HEAD CLEANER - Game Rules
23. INCARCERATION - Cemetery of Lies
24. ICON OF EVIL - Zapchajcie Sobie Mordy
25. EVISORAX - Locust Breeders
26. SICK OF STUPIDITY - Nitroglycerin Incineration UNRELEASED
28. RABID DOGS - Death Wish
29. ENEMA SHOWER - Fist Of Love (Tight Teens Version)
30. ALEA IACTA EST - Sebek
31. ALEA IACTA EST - Kiszáradt Igazság
32. MINDFUL OF PRIPYAT - Deep Water Coffin
33. TEETHING - You Live A Life You Don't Like UNRELEASED
34. UxLxCxMx - Dippy Dingo
35. TEETHGRINDER - Hope in Death
36. FAILURE TRACE - I Don't Need Your Precious Gift
Total playing time: 76:17

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