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SLAYER “Diabolus In Musica” /CD/

SLAYER “Diabolus In Musica” /CD/
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First re-release of the eighth full-length studio album by legendary American Thrash Metal band.
The album became the first record of the band recorded with a low order and was designated by the band as the most experimental album. It is to be played mostly in Drop C# tuning. The album's title is a Latin term for "The Devil in Music", a musical interval known for its dissonance. Lyrical themes explored on the album include religion, cultural deviance, death, insanity, war, and homicide. Guitarist Jeff Hanneman wrote most of the album's content.
It is the second studio album to feature drummer Paul Bostaph.
This is an album everybody can enjoy. It bears the heaviness that many fans enjoy while maintaining that fast paced Thrash element fans of classic Slayer look for. It progresses beyond the stale sound developed from "Divine Intervention" and "Undisputed Attitude". Finally, it honestly and wholeheartedly kicks ass!!
The album received fairly critical reviews and despite of this it sold in the amount of 46000 copies in the first week and reached position number 31 on the Billboard 200. As of August 16, 2006 the album has sold 290000 copies in the United States.
American Recordings, LLC/Universal Music Group International B.V., 1998/2009/2013 (0602537352197). Made in EU.

1.Bitter Peace 04:32
2.Death's Head 03:34
3.Stain of Mind 03:24
4.Overt Enemy 04:41
5.Perversions of Pain 03:33
6.Love to Hate 03:07
7.Desire 04:20
8.In the Name of God 03:40
9.Scrum 02:16
10.Screaming from the Sky 03:12
11.Point 04:11
Total playing time: 40:30


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