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CRADLE OF FILTH "Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder - The Life And Crimes Of Gilles De Rais" /CD/

CRADLE OF FILTH "Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder - The Life And Crimes Of Gilles De Rais" /CD/
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Eighth full-length album by the legendary British Symphonic Gothic Extreme Metal band.
Cradle Of Filth return in 2008 with their patented brand of Dark Gothic Melodic Black Metal. By this time you probably know if you like them or not... and if you do, this one is not to be missed! This is conceptual album, based on the well-documented, true-life fall from grace of a shadowy historical figure named Gilles de Rais , a wealthy French nobleman and one of the world’s most notorious serial killers. It is Cradle of Filth's first album as a four-piece, rather than its usual six-man staple. It is also the last album to feature backing vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva (although she briefly returned for Midnight in the Labyrinth) and the first to feature drummer Martin Škaroupka, replacing Adrian Erlandsson. Once again, Doug Bradley provides narration for the album (as with “Midian”, “Nymphetamine” and “Thornography”). The title of the album derives from a valediction vocalist Dani Filth once used to sign a letter. The album is produced by Sabbat guitarist Andy Sneap, who previously worked with Cradle of Filth while mixing the band's 2006 album, “Thornography”. A music video for the song "Honey and Sulphur" was filmed at the Chislehurst Caves of Kent. A video for "The Death of Love" was released on 31 July 2009. Andy Sneap has mixed a new version of the song for the video.
The album peaked at number 48 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, with sales of a little over 11,000 copies.
Featuring a wide variety of guest vocalists including choirs and Dani Filth's own daughter, Luna Scarlet Davey!!
Roadrunner Records, 2008 (RR 7923-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. In Grandeur And Frankincense Devilment Stirs 02:27
2. Shat Out Of Hell 05:03
3. The Death Of Love 07:13
4. The 13th Caesar 05:35
5. Tiffauges 02:14
6. Tragic Kingdom 05:59
7. Sweetest Maleficia 05:59
8. Honey And Sulphur 05:37
9. Midnight Shadows Crawl To Darken Counsel With Life 08:58
10. Darkness Incarnate 08:55
11. Ten Leagues Beneath Contempt 04:58
12. Godspeed On Devil's Thunder 05:36
13. Corpseflower 02:41
Total playing time: 71:15 min.

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