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OBITUARY "World Demise" /CD/

OBITUARY "World Demise" /CD/
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Remastered re-release of the fourth full-length album by the legendary American Death Metal band.
“World Demise” is a classic in the Obituary discography, recorded after one of the best sold Death Metal albums in history, “The End Complete”. Actually, this one is a bit different from the albums before, but always remaining Obituary style (rotten, down tuned Death Metal). Anyway, it is a bit slower with less fast parts. The biggest fast parts have some Hardcore components, so new for the band. The tempo parts are a bit changed, while the drums are less direct but more various and technical. The guitars as always low tuned. With this album, Obituary still remaining Death Metal, wanted to slow down a bit their music, concentrating the attention on the songwriting. The tracks are more complex, with more tempo changes and they are always supported by their typical atmosphere of death, their guitars so violent and obscure and finally the unique, animal growl of John Tardy. Vocalist John Tardy has always been recognized as being one of Death Metal’s best vocalists, and on "World Demise", it’s not difficult to see why.
"World Demise" saw Obituary successfully grind out another excellent Death Metal record which is easily memorable. The band tried a slightly Groovier style of writing while still retaining the brutal edge in which they had become so famous for in the first plac. "World Demise" is an excellent album, one which is highly recommended for Death Metal enthusiasts, and perhaps the last album in Obituary’s ‘near-immortal-status’ period within the Death Metal community. A must for every Death Metal fan!!
Re-edition includes four bonus tracks.
Roadrunner Records, 1994/1998/2013 (RR 8740-2). Made in Germany.

1.Don't Care 03:09
2.World Demise 03:44
3.Burned In 03:32
4.Redefine 04:40
5.Paralyzing 04:57
6.Lost 04:00
7.Solid State 04:39
8.Final Thoughts 04:09
10.Boiling Point 03:10
11.Set In Stone 04:53
12.Kill For Me 06:02
Bonus Track:
13.Killing Victims Found 05:05
14.Infected 05:00
15.Godly Beings 02:01
16.Body Bag 05:59
Total playing time: 69:15


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